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DIVER Ecosystem
The DIVER ecosystem offers a wide variety of projects and applications developed by the consortium. Discover the different apps built with the benefit of the decentralized and sustainable DIVER protocol, as well as your favorite projects.

DIVER Biz offers a digital alternative to traditional paper business cards, leveraging NFT technology for secure and innovative professional networking. This platform allows users to share and store contact information easily, promoting a more sustainable and efficient method of connecting in today's digital world.


Chainpin is a service that allows you to receive NFTs by scanning a QR code at a specific location. Businesses can pre-set NFTs into the QR code and place it at designated locations. Users can then receive the NFT simply by scanning this QR code.

Trading Coupon

Trading Coupon is a digital coupon platform that leverages NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology. With this service, you can easily manage NFT coupons on your smartphone and effortlessly share them with friends and family. For store owners, integrating NFT coupons into your services can create a new customer experience and offer promising avenues for customer acquisition.

DIVER Storage(β version)

※β version is now available DIVER Storage offers a user-friendly and secure decentralized storage solution. Utilizing peer-to-peer networking and military-grade AES-256 encryption, it ensures that your data is always safe and quickly accessible.


DIVER Knock is a fully secure and private messaging app that combines cutting-edge technology with wallet functionality. It offers a wide range of features, from text messaging to video and voice calls, making it versatile for both business and personal use.


DIVER Tag is a service that bridges the physical and digital worlds by integrating NFTs with NFC (Near Field Communication) tags, commonly used in mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

DIVER Wallet

DIVER Wallet is a next-generation, multi-functional wallet that's fully compatible with the WEB3 ecosystem. Available on both Android and iOS, it also offers a Chrome extension for added convenience. It aims to be the most user-friendly Web3 wallet, incorporating feedback from a diverse user base.

DIVER Domain

DIVER Domain is a domain on the blockchain designed to resolve names of WEB3 content, such as your wallet address or decentralized website address, using smart contracts.


New "Diver" Blockchain Scanning Service. This service analyzes transaction data on the Diver blockchain with high accuracy to clearly understand market trends and transaction patterns.